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The day she was born the thought floated through my head “boy, will she make pretty palomino babies.” And, I’m pretty sure she was thinking “boy, oh boy. I am too cool for school!”
That would be Judy - GLB Like Nobody’s Byzness
Royally bred – Stonecroft Byzantine x Fletcher Music Lee - Judy was just about the prettiest baby and never did go through that awkward, funny looking stage that most youngsters do.

This was a mare that, even if she didn’t do anything else, was the ultimate pasture ornament. Whether in the barn getting ready for a show or out in the paddock with a golden baby by her side, she was always the supermodel.
(Stonecroft Byzantine x Fletcher Music Lee)
2002 Chestnut Morgan Mare
Summer or winter she was just gorgeous. Beautiful and sleek, with that long archie neck, those beautiful exotic eyes – this little, bedazzled chestnut mare with all the charisma and charm in the world was always the one that drew your gaze and made your heart happy
But she wasn’t just a beautiful pasture ornament. Knowing that she was destined for the show ring, the thought of palomino babies was put on the back burner for a while and, after a short
show career, the dream of palomino babies started to take shape when she was retired and brought back to the farm.
Since then she has given us many golden babies. A great mother, easy to breed, easy to foal, every single one of her foals are as beautiful and elegant as she is. Every one has her charisma, charm, great work ethic and, the best of all . . . they don’t take themselves too seriously and are always game for a little fun and always game to learn something new.
Her first foal (by MEMC Tequila Quervo) was CFF Strictly Byzness – (“Slick” one of the coolest guys ever.) Others by Tequila are CFF Risky Byzness, CFF Santa Barbara and CFF Santa Nella. Foals by Nashboro Sir Galahad are CFF San Francisco and CFF Santa Rita – all are drop-dead gorgeous and a ton of fun.
One of the smoothest Morgan’s to ride – you could ride her trot all day and never get tired – and neither did she. She’d piss you off every time she was in the cross ties with her dancing and pawing – just like her mother - but you’d always forgive her shenanigans. There was no fooling or fussing with this mare – as if she were saying “Don’t fuss and don’t do that cuddling thing – let’s get done and let’s go to work!” With a heart as big as a house and a tremendous work ethic, a drive around the farm, a trail ride or tip-toeing around with 1 or more little kids, she was always honest and happy and proud – everything she did she did as if she was making a victory pass in front of a cheering crowd while wearing a garland of roses.
As the cycle of life goes on, a small wound turned deadly septic in less than a day - a random, one-in-a-million series of unfortunate events took her from us way before her time. Proud and noble and stoic to the very end, ‘drama’ was never in this gals vocabulary - one minute she was there and the next she was gone.
If you were to have only one horse in all of your lifetime, Judy would be your girl - the complete package and the reason why we love these Morgan horses. She was quite a gal

“. . . till we meet up again at that ranch in the sky.” GLB Like Nobody’s Byz 2002 - 2014
Sire and Dam
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CFF Strictly Byzness
MEMC Tequila Quervo
CFF Risky Byzness
MEMC Tequila Quervo
CFF Santa Barbara
MEMC Tequila Quervo
CFF San Francisco
Nashboro Sir Galahad
CFF Santa Nella
MEMC Tequila Quervo
CFF Santa Rita
Nashboro Sir Galahad

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Stonecroft Masquerade
Carillon Command
Stonecroft Byzantine
Tedwin Topic
Century Enjolie
Appleton Baroness

GLB Like Nobody's Byzness

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